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  • What does the Town Council spend my money on?

    A summary of how the Town Council spends its money is included in the Annual Financial Report.

  • What is the Council ‘precept’?

    The precept is the amount the Town Council requests each year from North Somerset Council to spend in the Town. The amount is included in each residents’ Council Tax bill.

  • Can I speak at a Town Council meeting?

    Yes. Council meetings are normally held at 7.30pm on Wednesdays. Meetings are held at the Tithe Barn.

    All these meetings are open for the public to attend. At Town Council meetings there is a slot on the agenda for members of the public to speak. At other meetings, if members of the public want to speak they need to let the chairman or the Town Clerk know before the meeting starts. The dates of upcoming meetings are available here.  Agendas and Minutes of meetings are publicly available.

  • Which Council ward do I live in?

    There are five Town Council wards and two North Somerset Council wards. You can find out which ward you live in by typing in your address in the box below or link to town council?

  • How do I find out who my local or district councillor is?

    You can find out who your Town Councillors and North Somerset Councillors are by clicking on this image:


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  • Local Facilities

    When are the markets in Nailsea?
    • Nailsea has a Farmers’ Market on the 3rd Saturday of every month, from 9am to 1.30pm.
    • The Craft Market is on the 3rd Saturday from April to December, from 9am to 1.30pm.
    • The Community Market is on the 3rd Saturday of every month, from 9am to 1pm.


    Read more information on these markets


    • The Country Market is held every Friday morning from 10-11.15am at Christ Church Vestry Hall, Christ Church Close (closed first 2 weeks in January).
    • The outdoor Tuesday Market starts at 9am in the Town Centre.
    How can I get a stall at a market?

    Contact the Farmers' Market Manager.

    Who runs the town centre precinct?

    The town centre is privately owned. The Centre Manager can be contacted on 01275 854543.

    Where is the nearest recycling centre?

    The nearest recycling centre to Nailsea is in Backwell. Further details can be obtained here

    How do I find out about leisure activities?

    The Scotch Horn Centre offers a range of facilities. Other information is available from the Nailsea Paper

    How do I get an allotment?

    The Town Council has allotments on Whitesfield Road and Engine Lane. They are in great demand and the current waiting time to get an allotment is about 3 years. Allotments are allocated on a first come first served basis. You can apply for an allotment by clicking here or by contacting the Town Council office.

    How do I hire a room at the Tithe Barn?

    Nailsea Tithe Barn


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    Local Services

    How do I get advice about housing?

    North Somerset Council’s web-site has information relating to housing issues.   ‘Council’ housing is the responsibility of NS Housing:

    How do I get advice about benefits?

    Contact the Housing and Council Tax Benefit Office

    When are my waste bins and recycling collected?

    Information on all matters regarding waste collection can be found at North Somerset Council Recycling & Waste


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    How do I find out about a planning application?

    North Somerset Council is the ‘planning authority’. Information on planning applications is available on the North Somerset Council's Planning Pages

    Does the Town Council comment on planning applications?

    The Town Council has a Planning and Environmental Committee that reviews and makes comments on planning applications in the town. Residents can attend its meetings to support or oppose a planning application. You can contact the Council Office to find out when the committee is reviewing an application. North Somerset Council takes account of the Town Council’s comments but does not have to agree with them.

    How do I support or object to a planning application?

    Find the relevant planning application using the  search facility on North Somerset Council’s web-site 
    Each current application has a link called ‘Comment on Application’, which you can use. If you contact the Town Council be sure to also make your comments known to North Somerset Council.

    How do I find out if I need planning permission for a change to my property?

    Advice can be obtained from  North Somerset Council’s web-site 
    The following link might also be of use Planning Portal


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    Feedback & Complaints

    Feedback and complaints on the following types of issues can be made to North Somerset Council on-line or by phoning 01275 888802.
    waste or recycling
    pest control problem
    broken street light
    abandoned car
    dangerous pot-hole
    noisy neighbours


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